Recycling of Waste with Handicrafts:

A training course handbook


As part of the Recycling of Waste with Handicrafts, co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union, we have we have created a training course handbook for adult learners and general public. The handbook offers an insight into the environmental topics through an artistic lens. The first chapter of the handbook essential concepts vital to understanding the environment, the problems that have arisen, and solutions proposed were proposed. The second chapter dives into environmentally friendly behaviours, offering practical tips and advice on how to positively impact the environment. In the third chapter, a special focus was given on types of environmental pollution and packaging as one of the most spread consumer wastes. The fourth chapter explores the connection between the environment and art, providing insight into and examples of eco-art. Lastly, the appendix contains 12 examples from partner countries that depict handicrafts made out of waste. The handbook offers information about concepts and methods to increase environmental awareness, reduce negative impact on the environment and help readers to express themselves creatively. It should be used as a guide and a motivational tool for readers to explore more and apply more environmentally conscious steps in their daily lives.


The handbook is available in English, Croatian, Turkish, Spanish, and Lithuanian.


English version

Croatian version

Turkish version

Spanish version

Lithuanian version