Scrap Metal Tortoise

Title: Scrap Metal Tortoise

Author: Hakan Demir

Materials used: Waste metals left behind by the industry, automobile scraps, a welding machine, electrodes


How to make it:

  1. Collect metal scraps.
  2. Weld the metal waste and create a sculpture.
  1. Sakupite metalni otpad.
  2. Zavarite metalni otpad i stvorite skulpturu
  1. Pasirinkite metalo atliekas.
  2. Suvirinkite metalo atliekas ir sukurkite skulptūrą.
  1. Metal atıklarını toplayın.
  2. Metal atıkları kaynaklayın ve bir heykel oluşturun.
  1. Recoge chatarra de metal.
  2. Suelde los desechos de metal y cree una escultura.




In this workshop, the transformation of waste metal materials into art objects was based, and the waste metals left behind by the industry were combined by welding automobile scraps and ready-made metals, and sculpture works containing social messages were carried out with both figurative and abstract works. The artists, who saw that the increasing distance between nature and people would lead to great dangers, carried out various works to draw attention to this. In this study, Hakan Demir aimed to draw attention to the pollution of the seas caused by the increase in industrialization of Caretta Carettas, which are endangered in the seas, due to unconscious hunting, and to draw attention to the creatures that lost their lives after being caught in ghost nets.


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